The Fruity Salad (Home Recipe)

My wife cooks one of the best salads. I am sharing the recipe here so  you can give it a try at home. Good legacy needs to be shared! 

  1. vinegar,
  2. olive oil,
  3. salt and pepper,
  4. a bit of sugar if the vinegar is not balsamic or apple vinegar. those two are sweet already. 
  5. salad
  6. daun2an (leaves),
  7. buah kering dan kacang/almond-kacang (peanuts and almonds)
  8. pake crutons juga boleh (croutons)
  9. pakein apel dan berry (apples and berries)

Soal berapa banyak salt pepper and olive oil musti dikira2. kalo mau aman, buat di wadah biasa dulu. sedikit olive oil, sedikit vinegar, salt pepper trus coba. Sedikit demi sedikit tambahin sampe pas jumlah dan rasanya. baru siram ke salad.

I guess the difficult part would be in mixing the vinegars and oils and the salt and pepper.

And so, this is the result:

Dundee City-20110701-00396

This one taste good, but I think hers taste a lot better. Maybe it’s the composition of vinegar, salt and pepper. I guess it will develop overtime Smile

H.T: My Wife