Monaco: Get married or become a French Protectorate?

Prince Albert of Monaco's upcoming Royal Wedding is indeed a political necessity for the people of Monaco. That is because, If the Grimaldi House fail to produce a legitimate heir, their country will be succumbed by France, according to this 1918 Treaty:

"Article  3.  His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco, in accordance with the additional articles  of the Treaty of 2  February 1861, 2 confirms  for himself and  his successors the commitment assumed towards the French Government not to alienate the Principality,  in  whole or in  part,  in  favour  of any Power  other than France. 
Should the throne become vacant,  particularly  for lack  of a direct or adoptive heir,  the  territory  of Monaco  shall  form,  under  the Protectorate  of  France,  an autonomous State under the name of the State of Monaco.  In such case, immovable private property,  which has not  been appropriated  for public use and which might accordingly  be  the  subject  of a  private  claim  by the  rightful  owners,  shall  be purchased by the State of Monaco with the assistance, if necessary,  of the French State."
So that's what a Royal Wedding is for, to keep your country from being baked into a croissant! Yeah, better get married soon.. :)