Dipenjara 18 bulan karena meng kopi data via USB?

Kalau benar, cerita ini sangat memprihantinkan:

I won't tell her name here. What you need to know is that my sweet Balinese friend, who likes kids and crafts, has been sentenced to a jail time of 18 month for, basically, having used her flashdisk.

She works in Bali, in a small painting and craft shop. What they do is, they build picture catalogs from examples taken in magazines or on the web, and commission them to painters on customers orders.

Last year, she thought she could start her own business, and built a small website using some of her shop's references. Keep in mind, these references don't belong to anybody in particular, they are just the result of some image search. But apparently her boss didn't appreciate, and asked her to close the website. Which she did. [edit: She never actually used the pics, and cancelled the website's publication]

It wasn't enough. Maybe Mr. Boss smelled good money, and he sued her for unfair competition. Time passed, and many parties got involved. It didn't take too long to find out there was no harm done business wise, but hey, you gotta get the money a way or another, so Mr.Boss sued her again, this time for illegal copy of digital material. That's were things got really wrong.

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