Endnote vs Zotero, The Verdict?

There’s an article at the Chronicle for Higher Education reviewing Endnote vs Zotero. Here’s the summary:

  1. Cost: Zotero. It’s free.
  2. Collecting online sources: Zotero. Although Endnote has endnote web, but Zotero is much more versatile
  3. Sync: Zotero
  4. Overall speed: Endnote
  5. Citation speed: Endnote
  6. Citation editing speed: Zotero (for beginners), Endnote (for advanced users)
  7. Sharing sources: Zotero
  8. Finding full text: Endnote, it has links to libraries
  9. Creating sources from PDF. Surprisingly, he said Zotero, because it is integrated with Google Scholar. But endnote is integrated with DoI
  10. Customizeability: Endnote

My verdict: Endnote still wins, because I fancy speed. Slow citation manager may cause frustration.