Conserving your Tweets in Evernote using IFTTT

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an amazingly simple platform to cross-update your social network as well as other services. Most of us used services such as twitterfeed (and I still do too) to cross update statuses among social networks, but IFTTT is a lot more simpler and rich in features.

IFTTT can be crosslinked with many services (including gmail, instapaper and evernote – facebook and flickr is of course there too) and set these services as trigger. When one services is put as a trigger, it will then update the other service.

Now I am using IFTTT to conserve my tweet in Evernote. I know that there are lots of tweet conservatories are there, but I want all my notes put at a single repository. As I can access evernote from virtually any device (including my blackberry), Evernote is then a perfect place to conserve my tweets.

Here is how:

1. Sign up to IFTTT
2. Activate both your evernote and twitter services (will lead you to the OAuth)
3. Click recipes
4. Find the recipe below:


The recipe will automatically store your tweets in a specified notebook, so if you leave the recipe as it is, they are perfectly fine. Of course can also customized the name of the notebook and add more parameters. The recipe box looks like this:


I don’t bother to mingle with the recipe, so I left it as is. Here’s what my notebook looks like:


Every tweets, its links, including my replies are conserved. I like doing long, serial tweets. So if one day I want to use my tweet as ingredients for my blog post, they are all there in my evernote.