Sutanto on Munir Case #wikileaks

The following is an excerpt of wikileaks cable 06JAKARTA9575 which suggests that Sutanto (former Indonesian police chief, currently the head of national intelligence agency/BIN) has conviction that BIN is involved in Munir case, but has no conclusive evidence to support this. He uttered that BIN's top chief at that time was supportive with the police's effort to solve Munir's murder, but the 'old school' agents were not. 

1. (C) Indonesian National Police (INP) Chief General Sutanto 

told the Ambassador July 25 that U.S. assistance was helping 
to keep the INP out front in Indonesia's democratization 
process.  In a lunch meeting at the Residence, Sutanto said 
his top priority was creating a high quality, moral police 
force focused on INP's missions.  He acknowledged the need 
for the INP to improve its skills and performance, and 
suggested an initiative to create a new generation of INP 
officers by training select INP cadets at U.S. police 
academies.  He spoke candidly on the Munir case, saying he 
was convinced the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) was 
involved, though the INP still lacked conclusive evidence. 
As in past meetings, Sutanto impressed us as a supportive and 
cooperative interlocutor who is committed to developing a 
professional and capable police force.  He is looking forward 
to his October trip to the United States and we encourage 
Washington's full support.  End Summary.  

16. (C) In a private sidebar following the meeting, the 
Ambassador enquired about the Munir case.  Sutanto assured 
the Ambassador that the INP is serious about the 
investigation and believed it to be an important case for the 
country, and an important feather in INP's cap.  With 
surprising candor, Sutanto said he was convinced that the 
National Intelligence Agency (BIN) was involved in the 
murder, but still lacked conclusive evidence.  Sutanto said 
current BIN Chief Syamsir Siregar is sympathetic and 
cooperating with the INP, although other 'old school' BIN 
officials are not.