Firin Kebab Haji Sukru (Konya, Turkey)

One of Konya's traditional food is said to be the Firin Kebab. This type of Kebab is not like the one you usually taste in Europe.


Firin Kebabi is made of a young sheep. The meat is therefore very tender and succulent. You can eat Firin Kebab in almost every restaurant in Konya but according to the local, Haji Sukru's Kebab has been speacialzing in making Firin Kebab since quite a long time. I did saw some newspaper articles featuring the restaurant on display in the shops' 'Salonu'.

The location is not too far from Alaaddin mosque. You will have to walk through past the nice looking park and fountains, straight to the direction of the mosque. The cost is 14 lira. They gave a free cay, ask them to do the same to you, perhaps by showing them this article :p

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