Indonesian DO NOT Need Visa to Enter Cambodia

The actual agreement between Indonesian and Cambodian government for no visa entry has been made perhaps a year ago. Unfortunately it was not implemented right away. So until May this year, I still need to pay 20-25 USD for ordinary visa to stay one month in Cambodia.

Yesterday, Mova and I entered Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia) with on arrival visa forms, passport size pictures and 50 USD on our hands. But the immigration officer checked our passport and as soon as he knew we are Indonesians, he said "Indonesian no need visa". Mova and I were surprised and happy that we can save 50 USD. It may seem a little but when we go back and forth several times, it's significant.

So, that's the good news, the NO VISA Agreement between Indonesia and Cambodia is implemented on the ground. Indonesians do not need visa anymore to enter and stay in Cambodia for 1 month (could have been 3 months like other Asean countries though-hehe).

Less hassle when travel :)

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