Lonely Planet Middle East vs Turkey

When I backpacked trough middle east few years ago, I was helped a lot by the Lonely Planet Middle East. The book gave me valuable tips on where to stay, how to get to places and where to eat. The book also gave me clues on what to expect in each places, how to behave, even historical insights. In short, I love Lonely Planet Middle East.

Since then, I started to use Lonely Planet to travel in Indonesia and Cambodia. So I had great expectation on Lonely Planet Turkey, as this time I am traveling in the country. I do get assisted in searching for places, understanding the history and to some degree on what to expect from each venues and performance I visit. However, I must say the book is not so much for backpackers. It does not list adequate numbers of budget hostels, restaurants or options to enjoy the country for budget travelers. The book sent me to expensive restaurants, tours and bad rated hostels. I am lucky as I sometimes triple check the recommendation with tripadvisors and other traveler forums.

But then again, if you are a middle upper range traveler, you would probably like the book. The places and sugestion they give are practical. It will help you make the best of your holiday.

As Mova and I are middle range traveler, so we don't find the book very helpful to pinch our wallet during the trip. Unlike Lonely Planet Turkey, Lonely Planet Middle East can provide me with best deals of hotels, transport and meals. The history and information about places worth visits are also written uniquely. I felt like the authors are the same type of traveler like me, who enjoy people, culture, unique experiences, adventures and cheap deals :) :)

Just a thought to share, hope you'll find it useful.

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