The Mobile Researcher #2: Long Range Wireless Antenna

I am working from café to café in Phnom Penh and although wifi connection is abundant, access could be a problem sometimes. 

You also work from cafes? From your hotel room? Your café or hotel’s wireless connection is very weak? Or, you don’t have a wireless connection at your café or in your hotel room?

What you need is a long range wireless Antenna. This one from Alfa (AWUS036H, cost +/- USD 32) works up to hundreds of meters (some say it works up to 460 meters). So you can buy a cup of coffee at a café and go to another place within the wifi range and you can still enjoy the free wireless connection (if they haven’t change the password of course).


As you can see below, I can detect wireless signals from stations a few hundred meters away:



The good thing with this product is that it can work both as a wifi enhancer and an access point (AP). An AP mode means that you could stream your hotel or office LAN as a wifi signal, for your blackberrys, iphone and Kindle Smile

Here’s a tip: McDonalds usually provide free open wifi. So if you stay in a room or is working in a café without any wifi connection, have a look for McDonalds in your neighborhood.



Ps: The antenna could also be used for packet injection, that is to say, to hack a wireless router. But, unless it is your own wifi router you are hacking, it is illegal to do so. Hence, I shall not discuss it here.