Past mid-night thought

This is my twit last night which I compile for a blog post. I do this for a longer shelf life note:

I can't sleep, I can't forget about the ojek/moto riders who are still outside. They don't dare to go home until they have enough dollars to feed their family tomorrow. I keep remembering about a little boy I met on the street who was eating from a box of food trashed by other people. I can't help to think about the skinny lady and little girl outside.. That little girl must go to school at 7am and every night she sells souvenirs till late. That skinny lady don't seem to have any assets to sell, nor skill to offer. She begged, I think she has the right to do so.

While I am enjoying this comfortable bed and warm blanket, I wonder how do they sleep? Did they fill their tummy well at dinner time? What will they tell their wives and children when they get home? Where do they sleep?

Allah please take care of them. You are the creator, the caretaker, the master of all os us.

Blog readers, do we deserve what we enjoy? Do you realy think we get what we have because we work hard? I think they work harder. We are just luckier. And luck don't come for free, I have d responsibility to give back..,to those ojek/moto riders, beggars..what have I done for them so far? ...

My best friend told me it is not right to feel guilty with the blessings I get because others don't get the same. I keep confronting my self with that statement. But I keep feeling bad about these people. Then I realize what I really feel bad about; I feel bad because.. given this abundant blessings, I haven't give forward to people who are not so lucky as I am. At least not yet enough to make me feel fulfilled.

If I could, I want to spend the rest of my career; feeding the hungry, giving the needy, teaching the uneducated, loving the insecure, employ the poor..That's just my soul, my call, my passion, what I believe as the reason why I was born in this world.

Dear Allah, kindly give me the strenght, courage and patience to answer this call, in your most appropriate time :)

Love, mulia.