Warung Bali, authentic Indonesian Cuisine (Phnom Penh)

This restaurant is quite well known among Indonesian communities in Cambodia. Foreigners often come here too, if they are somewhat connected to Indonesians. But because they don't have a website, Warung Bali attract visitors mostly by word of mouth.

The food is absolutely delicious and dead cheap!, even for Cambodian standard, which is the reason why you tend to always see Indonesians at the restaurant. The Chef was a former chef for the Indonesian embassy here.

My favourite food is the Balado Beef, which is that spicy fried beef with chilli sauce. They also serve rendang, sop buntut, some balinese cuisines, nasi goreng and the like.

Warung Bali Restaurant is located very near to the national museum and the King's Royal Palace, hence, right at the heart of Phnom Penh.

Its owners and chefs are Pirdaos (0085512967480) and Kasmin (0085512831528)

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