Fw: EMWIS Flash n°94, October 2011 - Euro-Mediterranean In formation System on the know-how in the Water Sector

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Subject: EMWIS Flash n°94, October 2011 - Euro-Mediterranean In formation System on the know-how in the Water Sector
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EMWIS Flash - October 2011 Euro-Mediterranean Information System on the know-how in the Water Sector EMWIS is a program of the Union for the Mediterranean. For further information: www.emwis.net Monthly Flash produced by the EMWIS Technical Unit- OIEAU, CEDEX, SOGESID- It is available in English, French & Arabic. (French & Arabic versions are available few days later)
Mediterranean Water Information Mechanism / Geo-Catalogue / UfM-Water
======================== In this issue N°94 (www.emwis.net/thematicdirs/eflash/flash94) ======================== HEADLINE 1- World Water Forum preparation, Collection of solutions IN BRIEF 2- The 1st Mediterranean Water Forum, Marrakech, 19-20/12/2011 3- Water Think Tank - Territorial water governance in the Mediterranean, Monaco, 10 November 2011 4- Porto 2011 declaration: "EURO-INBO 2011" and General Assembly of MENBO 5- SWIM-SM Workshop on Sustainable Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources, 16 September 2011, Athens (Greece) 6- The Euro-Mediterranean University: How to move forward 7- New CBCMed project promotes a sustainable Mediterranean through audiovisual cooperation 8- EC Expert group on Water Scarcity and Drought, Venice (Italy), 13-14/10/2011 9- European Innovation Partnership on water (EIP) 10- Harmonization efforts for the integrated management of the Buna/Bojana basin, coastal area and aquifers 11- Europe: From efficient water use to quitting fossil fuels 12- Spain: Minister visits commissioned desalination plant in Almeria 13- Montenegro: Another step towards a shared vision for the management of the Drin river basin 14- Turkey: European bank to fund climate adaption strategies 15- Egypt: Water challenges forcing a rethink on usage 16- Egypt: Water desalination revolutionised17- Egypt: FAO Nile Information Products Launched 18- Palestine: France launched a water supply project in the West Bank 19- Israel to focus on desalination to deal with water woes 20- Jordan: Integrating Jordan into the European Research Area 21- Tunisia: The AfDB Fosters Water Supply to Tuni
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