Soekarno Hatta's brand new Terminal 3 (Air Asia)

This is the third day Terminal 3 is in operation. As you can see in the picture, unlike the 2nd and 3rd terminal there's no Indonesian touch in the building's architecture. You will find only a budget terminal standard of comfort. Though it is of course clean and cool.

There are some cafes and restaurant at the ground floor, but they are closed at dawn. There are more shops and cafes including starbucks on the upper level. I detect some wireless signal, but unable to locate power sockets.

The security check is located right after the immigration check, and there are no more restaurant/shops/cafes beyond that. This has some implications:

1. This is your last chance to eat and drink before entering the boarding gate.

2. No liquid is allowed to pass through the security check. Thirsty? Buy your drinks on plane! I don't see any drink water tap around. (Yeah, tricky huh!)

3. There are occasional bottlenecks on security gates as there are only 4 immigration booths and 2 security gates. If you decide to stop for a food, calculate the line-up time.