Add your dropbox quota size using .ac (academic) email

This might have been a flaw, but it certainly works on me. I have collected so many referrals in dropbox to the max, so I am no longer able to add more of the free quota. But there’s this .edu program that will give you extra 500 MB for every referral to dropbox, and the program is retroactive, which means all my past referrals will be accounted for.

But I don’t have any .edu email address and its hard to get one unless you are studying in the US. So out of curiosity – and not expecting anything – tried to put in my UK university email address in the form at this page. Here’s the screenshot, but there is no more box because I have already used it.


So, I opened my email and…. it WORKS!!!

Have a look at this:


You can see clearly on the above that the email subject says: Verify email but below it, you can see information that it is being sent to my email address, which is the address that I put on dropbox form above.

So now, I have a FREE, 19.03 Gigabyte of dropbox quota. Yes. Envy-me-not, people.


Now, I don’t know if this is a flaw or an unwritten policy. But if it is a flaw, I really hope that after this publication dropbox will retain my free quota, after all, I have (by accident) pointed out the flaw to them. If, however, this is an unwritten policy, then all academia can now enjoy it!!!

Update (14/12/2011 18:59):

My friend told me that this is neither an unwritten policy nor a flaw. Dropbox has been enabling it for some .ac domain since a year ago. See this link at Dropbox forum. Certainly this is not clear from their advertisement. Well then, enjoy folks!!!