Is Time’s Person of the Year a Jihadi or an Arab Spring Protester? (Neither is right)

When I look at the recent cover of Time Magazine, the first thing that cross my mind is that it is a picture of an Arab spring protester, or an intifada, or a Jihadi. At the very least it depicts a woman wearing face veil and a headscarf. 

Well it’s not. This is the original picture taken by Ted Soqui:


The woman, identified as Sarah M (twitter), is an art worker and a member of the occupy LA movement. As Soqui wrote on his blog, she put on her bandana (with extra vinegar) to cover her face from possible teargas strike. Dailymail has a report on this.

So that’s not a Niqab she’s wearing, but a vinegary bandana, and a knit cap. But yeah, photoshop can indeed make it somewhat represent those in the middle east too.

See the photo sequence in full.