A Single Life Advice (more like ranting about single people complaints)

I may not be old enough to give marriage advice, but I am totally capable of giving single life advice. I got married when I was 28,5 years old. And I have only one advice: ENJOY!

I have seen too many single ladies and men desperately wait for the right persons to come. They pass day by day thinking when will my soulmate come. They forgot to enjoy the day, as a single. Some says "I have enough single life, I wana get married". Well, I am telling you, you never have enough single life!

If I could, I wana slap every single men and women who thinks that life is boring without a partner to share with. Yep, I wana slap them on the face and say: Wake up, life is boring because of you! You bore yourself and you know what? You bore the whole world! That's why your perfect soulmate, even when he or she is around, perhaps won't notice you. Perhaps thinks you're a boring person hence, why you?! Why does he or she wants to spend the rest of his/her life with a boring person like you?!

living a single life is so exciting, so adventurous, so contemplative, so romantic. Yes, romantic. Because life is between you, yourself and God. Once you get intimate with yourself, once you can enjoy the solitude with God, you'll feel it.. You'll feel the greatness of being a single person.

Travel the world, do crazy things, challenge your self, cross the lines once in a while, fill your self with adrenaline. You are 20ies/30ies, you can do anything you want, you earn money, you have no dependent, you are burden-less mature person! You are on top of your life. Who needs a soulmate?! The soulmate is you!

And if you are stuck in a lousy relationship, end it. Lousy relationship means either one of you or both of you are not ready to be in the relationship. Well, when you are so in love, then you are doomed. You are stuck and you can't use the rationale to end it. Then I'd say congratulation on wasting your time. I hope it's worth the sacrafice.

When the right person comes you will know it. And when it happens, your life will change forever. Many people say it's for the better. I say many of them lie. It's not always for the better. Marriage means reconciliation of who you are, the life you live in and even the future you want to be in. And without knowing who you are, without spending enough time with your self now, you'll be doomed in a marriage. Simply because you don't know how and what to tolerate, how and what to reconcile. You'll be lost in a relationship and that sucks! Not only you feel like you don't get the company you wish from your partner, but also you don't provide the company your partner wish to have.

So spend enough time with your self, enjoy the relationship. Loving yourself is loving God. Like that, you'll glow, you'll shine and you'll dazzle people. By people I mean including your soulmate, even the soulmate of other people haha. They'll come to you before you know it.

Really, desperation waste your time, your potency, it waste your self. And you, your self, deserve better. Love your self truly for who you are and who you want to be, before you try to love anybody else :)


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