It's Mulia's blog post, not Mova :)

For those who feel odd reading how galau, how cheesy and corny some of the blog post can be.. Well, u should know that this Blog is co authored by me, mulia, mova's wife.

Mova mainly write about academic stuff and popular issues. I write the random thoughts, galau posts and cheesy, corny- you name it- stuff. Make no mistake, Mova is not cheesy or corny or galau, at least not in public. I am. Hehehe. Guilty as charge :D

To God :)

Allah, I don't know where should I write this down. I just feel better when I write my mind down.

Thank you for tonight. I don't know why I deserve this. After what I have done to my self, abandoning you in me. You poked my mind tonight. You make me realize of one underlying cause of my unhappiness inside. I have fear, I am faithless. That's why I have been so unsettled.

Thank you and you know I am now crying out loud now in my heart. I am so happy and joyful tonight, to feel your love again. I have no doubt of absolute love. Because I feel your love no matter how badly I abandon you inside and outside.

I will kill this fear away. I will gain my full faith in you. It is never too late.

Mulia :)

Knowing what I want

Over the years, I learn something about my self. And I've done some thinking, and reflecting back. In short:

No matter how certain I am about what I want, I will feel doubt again when I get the exact thing I want. So, to know what I want is not my concern anymore. My concern is to be happy with what I have :)

Dry empty rotten garlic

If there is anything I truly want now is to be at Beshara and meet the reality there. Or at least Palestine, and be the change I wana see.

Now and here, I am not only captivated by the dry empty rotten garlic. I am the dry empty rotten garlic. I smell so good, I am tasty. Yet I am just dry empty rotten garlic, as described by Rumi.

Allah help me, please.

Beberapa Hal Menarik yang Ditemui Selama Traveling Kemarin

Makanan satu porsi, enaknya bukan main, harganya cuman 4 ringgit sudah pakai kopi. Kopinya juga enak banget. Mungkin hanya di Penang :)

Ke rumah kawan di Copenhagen, surprise lihat poster VISIT PALESTINE gede banget di ruang utama nya :) ternyata teman saya pernah melakukan penelitian di Palestine dan sangat kesengsem :)