PhD foot note

@ailumulia says: 21.30. Kamchay Mear. Sitting on my bed, under the mosquito net, in a very warm night. Holding my pee, too lazy to go to the toilet which is outside the house, meters away from the front door. Swallowed 2 strong migraine pills. Loud music from neighbor party is banging my ears.

Too dizzy to stand still for my night prayer, almost vomited. Had cookies and milk for dinner. The only restaurant has been closed for days. Am having noodles again and again. Don't know how to use traditional stove works.

Sitting and praying. Talking to God.
Allah, help me to accept this. I know years or months from now, I will wish I enjoy this moment more than I am now. So help me to accept that this is home for now. Help me to accept that my neighbors are incredible noisy. That the toilet is so far away. That tonight is so hot. That I can't hug my other half until 2 weeks from now. That my hormone is trying to kill me once or twice every month. Help me to accept. That's all I need for tonight.

Love u always, God.