Homeserver #3: Backing up photo to local network (Bittorent Sync)

On my last post, I asked which software should I install in my home server. I want to be able to backup my Android photos to my Intel Nuc Home Server, so look up for possible solutions online. 

And the best solution? BitTorent Sync. Yes, there are other softwares that could back up your photos to your local network via wifi, such as this one, but if you also want to back up files in the future, I think bittorent sync would be the better platform. 

You have to install bittorent sync in your Android phone and in your Home Server PC, and then set them up. 

Now, I want my BT Sync to work only with my local IP. Also, I will have to make sure that BTSync will only backup -- instead of sync -- my files. We'll deal with this later.

Homeserver #2: Which software should you install on your Home Server?

Other the operating system, this is the list of apps running on my Intel NUC home server:

  • XAMPP. What is for? Well, XAMPP is used to run apache, mysql, php and perl. For now, I only active the apache. More on this later.
  • Plex. Installed as my media library and for watching videos.
  • Crashplan. A backup tool for all PCs in my home network.
  • Calibre. A software that hosts my ebook library.  
  • Cops. Web based calibre content server. This is the reason why I need Apache to be running on my server. Cops client is dependent on Apache. With cops, I can access my books through the local DNS. 
  • Unified Remote. This is a remote control app that works over wifi (and bluetooth). I installed the server on my home server and the client/controller on my Android. 
The server is connected to my TV. So my dumb TV is now becoming rather "smart". I use unified remote to control Plex, browse the internet, shut it down  and control other apps.

Anything else I should install on my NUC?