Homeserver #3: Backing up photo to local network (Bittorent Sync)

On my last post, I asked which software should I install in my home server. I want to be able to backup my Android photos to my Intel Nuc Home Server, so look up for possible solutions online. 

And the best solution? BitTorent Sync. Yes, there are other softwares that could back up your photos to your local network via wifi, such as this one, but if you also want to back up files in the future, I think bittorent sync would be the better platform. 

You have to install bittorent sync in your Android phone and in your Home Server PC, and then set them up. 

Now, I want my BT Sync to work only with my local IP. Also, I will have to make sure that BTSync will only backup -- instead of sync -- my files. We'll deal with this later.