Homeserver #2: Which software should you install on your Home Server?

Other the operating system, this is the list of apps running on my Intel NUC home server:

  • XAMPP. What is for? Well, XAMPP is used to run apache, mysql, php and perl. For now, I only active the apache. More on this later.
  • Plex. Installed as my media library and for watching videos.
  • Crashplan. A backup tool for all PCs in my home network.
  • Calibre. A software that hosts my ebook library.  
  • Cops. Web based calibre content server. This is the reason why I need Apache to be running on my server. Cops client is dependent on Apache. With cops, I can access my books through the local DNS. 
  • Unified Remote. This is a remote control app that works over wifi (and bluetooth). I installed the server on my home server and the client/controller on my Android. 
The server is connected to my TV. So my dumb TV is now becoming rather "smart". I use unified remote to control Plex, browse the internet, shut it down  and control other apps.

Anything else I should install on my NUC?