Is "similar meaning" possible at all?

When I say "I am hungry", does it mean the same for everyone?
Since every experience is unique, I guess the answer should be "no".

But then, how can the world stay in order if no experience is similar?

I think the answer lies in category. Thus, the category (of let's say, hungry) connects the experience. Within the category the experience is different, although from the outside it looks similar. 

The risk would be in miscategorization. 

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Teori Konspirasi BlackHand tentang AirAsia (yang mana saya tidak percaya)

Konon, seorang blogger di Cina sudah memprediksi kejadian AirAsia. Menurut MalayOnline:

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 — A mystery blogger believed to be a Chinese national has stirred a frenzy online with claims he predicted the disappearance of the Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ8501 nearly two weeks before it happened.
The original posts on a Chinese cyber forum has since spread to other international social networks including Reddit, where it has been loosely translated to claim that a shadowy global organisation had planned to take down the budget carrier, similar to how they had attacked two Malaysia Airlines planes, Flights MH370 and MH17 earlier this year.
Untuk link langsung ke websitenya yang sudah di Google Translate silahkan klik sini.

Kalau saya tidak percaya kebanyakan teori konspirasi, kenapa ini dimuat di blog? Jawabannya, karena orang Indonesia biasanya demen sekali sama teori konspirasi. Saya penasaran dan mau membandingkan berapa traffic postingan ini dibandingkan postingan biasa lainnya. Nanti saya update di post selanjutnya.